Avraham Eilat, Untitled


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Technique: Mixed-media on paper
Size: 35X50 cm
Signature: Signed
Condition: Very good


Avraham Eilat is an Israeli artist, educator and curator.
Born 1939 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In his works Eilat deals with materials and sensuality. This is expressed in the relationship he creates between photography and material, as well as in sculpture, drawing and engraving. In many works there is an inquisitive curiosity, serious and amused at the same time by the possibilities that open in the course of work, each allowing the creation of a new reality.

His works are exhibited in museums in Israel and abroad, including the Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel (1975, 1981) the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel (1992) and Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel (2004).

Avraham Eilat has won many prizes for his work. Among them: "Premio Cervo", Italy (1989) and the Israeli Ministry of education and Culture prize (2004).