Shay Zilberman, Untitled, 2008


Technique: Ink on paper
Size: 30X46 cm
Signature: Signed and dated
Condition: Very good
Note: Documented in the catalogue of the artist's
exhibition “Twinkling" held in Yair Art Gallery,
Tel Aviv, 2008, and in Yair Art Gallery's Decade
Exhibition catalogue, Tel Aviv, 2016


Shay Zilberman (born in 1976) is an Israeli multidisciplinary artist.

Zilberman's work deals with intermediate, coming into being, in-between states; in his abstract work one can see figures and landscapes collected from specific images, but having undergone a transformation that sometimes renders them far removed from the original.

Zilberman has exhibited at group exhibitions in Paris, Antwerp, The Hague, London and Tel Aviv. He has exhibited solo exhibitions in Israel, including the Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan (2010) and the Herzliya Museum (2015).