The Gallery

yair art gallery

Yair Art Gallery, with its intimate atmosphere, was founded in September 2006 by Yair Shulevitz, an art collector for some 25 years.

Alongside exhibiting new Israeli artists, the gallery has set itself the goal to provide a showcase for quality artists, some of whom, excluded by the mainstream of the Israeli art world, would otherwise not receive the exposure they deserve.

The opening exhibition featured the works of the excellent painter, Uri Stettner, which, throughout the years, was followed by exhibitions of: Irmi Adani, Auslander, Michal Bachi, Shimrit Baer, Bar Navon, Michael Ben Abu, Ruti Ben Yaacov, Druks, Avraham Eilat, Pinchas Ezra, Gat, Yoav Hainebach, Joseph Hirsch, David Isaac, Gilead Keydar, Elyasaf Kowner, Shahar Kornblit, Boaz Levental, Marcus, Menuhin, Iris Nadel, Amir Nave, Rina Peled, Assaf Rahat, Ilana Salma Ortar, Sefi Sendik, Chen Shapira, Shelesnyak, Danny Verete, Orly Vertheim, Gil Zellner and Zilberman.

We believe that over time, beyond passing trends, artists who leave their mark on the artistic consciousness will be those who are faithful to and consistent in pursuing their unique path. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery holds a varied collection of Israeli art.

Artists in the gallery

Artists who presented a solo exhibition at the gallery