•  Marik Lechner
    Marik Lechner
  • Tzvi Ben Aretz
    Tzvi Ben Aretz
  •  Shmuel Tepler
    Shmuel Tepler
  • Raphael Mohar
    Raphael Mohar
  • Shimshon Holzman
    Shimshon Holzman
  • Gabriel Klasmer
    Gabriel Klasmer
  • Leo Roth
    Leo Roth

From the gallery collection

Auction no. 40 ended

The purchased works can be collected from the gallery.

Catalog: Auction no. 40

 עכשיו בגלריה  עבודות למכירה

The Yair Art Gallery has set itself the goal of providing a stage for young artists and providing a spotlight on quality artists, some of whom have been pushed away from the mainstream of Israeli art and do not deserve exposure, which they deserve. In addition to exhibiting regular exhibitions, the gallery has a wide collection of Israeli art, mostly for sale.