By Yair Shulevitz (November 22, 2012)

 The initial viewing of Amir Nave's paintings is a shaky experience that leaves no room for indifference to them. The works evoke strong feelings, which range from willingly being drawn inward, to resistance and a desire to escape from them. There is a sense of threat to the peace and order that exists. There is a potential for a charged and intense encounter between the products of the artist's subconscious and the psychological responses that follow in the viewer's eyes.

In the works there is a struggle between the desire for freedom, the unloading of the burden and the pictorial aesthetic that represents culture and tradition. A struggle between painterly expression, freed from bonds and conventions, and poetic expression. All these succeed in coexisting.

In Nave's work, filters and masks rarely exist, and as such it is direct and revealing and thus manages to touch and excite.

* The translation is a summary of the written text in Hebrew