Review by Yonatan Amir (January 01, 2012)

Exhibition review by Yonatan Amir of "Through the Mask".
Published in "Erev-Rav".

On Joseph Hirsch's drawings, a small collection of which are currently on exhibition in "Through the Mask."

An artist who studied in the drawing class taught by Joseph Hirsch at Bezalel in the 1970s described a drawing lesson that took place in the wood. The student settled down and began to draw. At a certain point, Hirsch approached him and said: "Not good, you have to draw what is hidden behind the trees, the fear". Even if Hirsch's comment referred to the student's drawings, the thing that hides behind the trees and exposes itself through them also characterizes his own drawings. A small collection of Hirsch's drawings is now displayed in the exhibition "Through the Mask" at the Yair Art Gallery.

* The translation brings the spirit of things.

Untitled, 24x17 cm, mixed media on paper