By Yair Shulevitz and Oded Kedar (July 01, 2021)

They currently have no name. They are statusless. They are just paintings. It is not possible to know where their creators studied, exhibited and what awards they won. The "I have not heard of him / her at all" becomes unnecessary.
Painting without identity, nationality, origin, and gender. Rootless, gripless and homeless.

Are we able to look at a painting without the burden of name, ascription and preliminary information?

Why does the lack of knowledge of the identity of the creator bother us? Why, in fact, we can not just look at the painting on its own and without the conditions. In a gaze and examination that do not depend on anything?

We chose from the gallery collection a group of paintings that we do not recognize their creators: some because they are not signed, but mostly because we were unable to identify their signature.

We thought that this exhibition could challenge even slightly the nature of our fixed gaze and direct the viewer to look at the paintings themselves without background noises of name and status.

Yair Shulevitz
Oded Kedar

* The translation brings the spirit of things.