By Yair Shulevitz (November 27, 2014)

Sendik's work raises difficulties in defining it: the almost automatic association that we usually do when we watch works of art does not succeed in this case. Clearly, this is not a figurative painting or a painting based on a guiding image. On the other hand, painterly aspects and more understandable images in the painting make it difficult to see it as a completely abstract painting. Although these are oil paintings on aluminum, they can also create relationships for photography and collage. 

Sendik's painting is driven by intuitive and unplanned moves that are clearly seen as the product of intense action painting.

The duality in the core of the works motivates the tension and drama that exists in them: it is tension and contrast between storm-like intensity and the structure of the paintings that moderate and govern it.

Even an in-depth look at his paintings does not solve the enigma that exists in them. Sendik operates in a space that is not clear and deciphered even for him. This space allows the viewer to ask questions, but with no ability to receive answers.

* The translation is a summary of the written text in Hebrew.