Michal Bachi, Archer

Michal Bachi, Archer, 2010


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Technique: Mixed media on paper
Size: 30x26 cm
Signature: Signed and dated
Condition: Very good


Michal Bachi is an Israeli painter.
Born in 1962, Jerusalem, Israel.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In her work Bachi moves between expressiveness and refinement, between accuracy and intuitive decisions and between roughness and elegance.  Bachi manages to create a remarkable harmony between line, stain and composition. However, and with all their importance, these are not the essence of her work, and her paintings transcend much beyond the language of art itself.  Bachi creates a fascinating world which is pure poetics.

 Bachi exhibited solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Israel and abroad.

In 1991  Bachi won The Young Artist Award, The Public Council of Art & Culture.
In 2001  Bachi won The Creation Encouragement Award, The Ministry of Science, Culture & Sports.
In 2010  Bachi won The Minister’s Award, The Ministry of Science, Culture & Sports.