Pinchas Zinovitch, Untitled


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Technique: Oil on canvas  
Size: 120X120 cm 
Signature: Signed 
Condition: Very good


Pinchas (Pini) Zinovitch was an Israeli painter.
Born in 1943, Kibbutz Dafna, Israel.
Died in 2007, Kibbutz Tzuba, Israel.

Zinovitch was a total artist who expressed in his works what was going on in his soul. His painting is experiential and direct, ranging from the figurative to the abstract, between intense expressiveness to delicate Abstract Expressionism. "It was not an American abstract  or alyrical abstract, it was a Pini's abstract", in these words the artist David Wakstein defined the works of Zinovitch.

Zinovitch took part in many exhibitions. In 1993 he exhibited a large solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and in 2005 he exhibited a retrospective at the Ein Harod Museum.

In 1989, Zinovitz received the Israel Discount Bank Prize for an Israeli artist from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and in 2002 he was awarded the Minister of Culture Award for an Israeli Artist.