Yadid Rubin, Still life


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Technique: Mixed-media on paper
 Size:76x56 cm (29.92x22.05 inch)
 Signature: Signed
 Condition: Very good


Yadid Rubin was an Israeli painter.
Born 1938, Israel.
Died 2012, Kibbutz Givat Haim, Israel.

Rubin is considered by many to be "the last Israeli painter", because the main theme of his work was his native landscape. Rubin turned the countryside of Israel into a private sign language, creating landscape paintings where the sense of the place and its absence coexist and create a new reality. In his words: "I paint the landscapes of the kibbutz, but they are actually landscapes of the soul".

His works have been exhibited in Israel and abroad.
In 2010, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, presented a retrospective exhibition of his works.

In 2004 Rubin received The Ministry of Education Prize for Fine Arts.