Chen Sapira, Untitled


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Technique: Ink on paper
Size: 55X77 cm
Signature: Signed
Condition: Very good


Chen Shapira  is an Israeli artist and teacher.
Born in 1960, Kibbutz Einat, Israel.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Shapira's works can be felt in a spiritual atmosphere that arises from them and invites the viewer to a deep inner look. The paintings deal with the local cultural and existential reality, expressed in symbols or symbolic visual images. Chen Shapira's images permeate the surface and the viewer's consciousness. The paintings have a delayed nature, they gradually flicker; the viewer passes through different planes of meaning until the moment of recognition, revelation.

Shapira participated in group exhibitions and exhibited solo exhibitions in galleries throughout the country.

Chen Shapira  received scholarships as a token of appreciation for his work.