David Isaacs, Untitled, 2008


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Technique: Mixed media on canvas
Size: 27X36 cm
Signature: Signed
Condition: Very good


David Isaacs is an Israeli painter.
Born in 1961, New York, United States.
Lives and works in Jaffa Tel Aviv, Israel.

David Isaacs moves in his work on the seam between abstraction and implicit images. His work is characterized by a duality between its various components: the material dimension to the spiritual, the intuitive and the spontaneous versus the planned and the organized, the light against the dark, the softness versus the strength and the calm against the storm. In all of these, there is a confluence and a struggle, but Isaac manages to create a harmonious drawing from all of these, while at the same time open, leaving the viewer the space for reading and deciphering.

David Isaacs participated in group exhibitions and exhibited solo exhibitions in many galleries.
In 2010 Isaacs exhibited solo exhibitions at the Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art.