Review by Uzi Zur ( February 10, 2020)

Published in Haaretz, Culture and Literature, "Closing One Eye".

Michal Bachi recalls from her memory pockets memories that are in borderline state and dissolving into each other. Bachi seems to "pickpocket" her own memory against oblivion and  recollection of her body of works. She tries to break free but finds herself in the familiar districts again. 

Bachi's works are like her own privet memory  puzzle and they are an encrypted enigma for the viewer. The works have a vulnerable beauty, in which the stylized graphic devote itself to complex processes of veiling and dissolving.

The time came when an artist like Bachi, who created a body of work in which there is a whole, rich and sensitive inner world of his own language, will move into the mainstream of Israeli art and receive the recognition she deserves from the establishment. 

* The translation brings the spirit of things.