By Yair Shulevitz (January 11, 2019)

About the memory that reverberates like a heavy weight, that in its absence there is no culture and in its presence there is pain, the gap between matter and spirit and between solid and liquid. About presence and absence, life itself and death, what he would give up, if he gave up. About what will be absorbed, about the essence, about the footnotes: Shahar Kornblit laments about all this.

Kornblit is not an artist of great gestures. On the contrary, modesty and restraint are an essential part of his work, which is all looking deep inside. Kornblit mental sensitivity meets an aesthetic awareness to create a precise, delicate mix, full of emotion but devoid of sentimentality and exaggeration.

The collection and compilation of various objects can be seen as an act of culture, preservation and memory. On the other hand, it can be attributed as a struggle against temporary and transitory.
The reduction and burning of the objects are constant attempts to reach the root of things, their initial essence, a refinement that leaves no choice but to peel and shed the superfluous layers.

Paradoxically, the fragility of existence is present here in full force, and the great wonder that arises is how to create meaning against the inevitable evaporation and the walk to the abyss.

* The translation is a summary of the written text in Hebrew